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Dear guest.
Have you ever dreamed about diving in Indonesia?
Now you can come along and enjoy the best of the best liveaboard diving in the world. Join with us this amazing area on one of our partners 3 Deluxe liveaboard boats.
We offer you following dive areas:

– Komodo – Flores – Alor
– Sangeang – Banta – Komodo – Padar – Rinca
– Ambon – Banda Sea
– Ambon – Seram – Misool – Wayag – Raja Ampat

Daily rate per pax. is from 259,- Euro
Single Surcharge 169,- Euro

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We offer trips the whole year send us a mail for program.

Also possible is to combine your Liveaboard with and Island stay, like one week on Bali and 8-12 days Liveaboard.
Send us a mail on;


Some of the dive destinations.
Our sister company Kararu liveaboard scuba diving adventures visits a range of remote and exciting locations in the furthest regions of the Indonesian archipelago. From the famous islands of the Komodo Marine Park to the historically important Banda Sea and as far as the Raja Ampat islands of Irian Jaya (West Papua), our cruises offer something for every scuba diver. Following is some information about these amazing dive destinations.

Komodo Island & Marine Park
The Komodo National Marine Park encompasses 132,000 hectares of marine waters making it one of the largest protected zones on the planet. The number and variety of islands including Komodo, Rinca and Padar, combined with current, wave action and wind exposure, result in an incredible variety of coastal and marine habitats.

Alor Island is recognized as one of Asia’s top ten dive destinations. Massive schools of reef fish inhabit pristine coral reefs, spectacular walls and vast coral gardens host an abundance of all forms of marine life. Alor is also now renowned as Indonesia’s newest premier muck diving location.

Ambon holds an important place in the rich history of Indonesia, and as one of its best diving destinations. The Ambonese are a welcoming and hospitable people, proud of the history and beauty of their island as well as the fantastic diving found around their shores.

Banda Sea
The Banda Sea is the sea of the South Moluccas in Indonesia, technically part of the Pacific Ocean but separated from it by hundreds of islands, as well as the Halmahera and Ceram Seas.

Misool – Irian Jaya
The Misool Island group sits at the entrance of the Seram Sea, two degrees south of the equator. Those who have traveled to Palau can picture these little tropical islands covered in pandana and other palms, with steep sided walls where wind and sea has worn the rock away.

Fak Fak – Irian Jaya
Fak Fak is a very remote area located south-east of Raja Ampat and is famous for its record breaking bio-diversity. Because the water here is so nutrient rich, visibility averages 10-20m, however these nutrients feed an amazing web of life. We’re talking extreme bio-mass.

Raja Ampat Islands – Irian Jaya
The Raja Ampat island group of Irian Jaya is currently one of the hottest diving destinations on the planet. Extreme bio-diversity and untouched landscapes rivaling those of the Pacific combined with world class dive sites make these islands one of the world’s last scuba diving frontiers.

Exploration Diving
For charter cruises the regular itinerary may be modified to explore other destinations or regions throughout the archipelago. During these cruises, divers have a chance to plunge into the unknown reefs of the Indonesian archipelago.

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