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Special offer

Dear Divers.

We in ABWonderdive like to welcome the ’16-17 season, therefore we like you to contact us for special request.

Booking & Travel period: 1st of Aug. 2016 till 1st of June.  2017.

Price: discount can be given on our ABWonderdive STD and Suite.
STD: max 2 pax.
Suite: max 6 pax.
Breakfast is extra.


ABW offer bookings: Resort level 1&2 bed’s. All prices is from*. Single/Double Triple Occupancy Four Person
Aircon Aircon Aircon
1 bed Budget Rooms** Php 1.700,- fan Php 2.100,- Php 2.500,-
1 bed Standard** Php 2.200,- Php 2.600,- NO
1 bed garden view STD ** Php 2.500,- Php 2.900,- NO
1 bed garden view Deluxe Php 2.800,- Php 3.800,- Php 4.600,-
1 bed Seaview Rooms Delux** Php 3.500,- Php 4.500,- Php 5.500,-
1 bed Seaview Premium** Php 4.500,- Php 5.500,- NO
2 bed Seaview Family Suite Php 5.000,- Php 6.000,- Php 7.000,-
1-2 bed Penthouse from** Php 8.000,- Php 10.000,- Php 14.000,-
EXTRAS ADD:  Breakfast in dive center 350Php pers. * = dep. on availability by received payments for bookings. ** partner resorts

Please also note we have started a new corporation with a deluxe resort with room from 4500 Php a night.

Do your PADI OWDC (Incl. is book and cert.) and get + 1 dive FOC after course by direct booking.

Do your PADI AOW (Incl. is book and cert.) and get 1 dive FOC after course by direct booking.

What about 10 air dives + 1 FOC?

Equipment is extra.

Dive rate ABW Single dive Extra pr dive Extra pr dive
Air Equipment Nitrox
1  dive Php 1.390,- Php 300,- Php 200,-
6 dives Php 8.300,- Php 300,- Php 200,-
10 dives Php 13.000,- Php 250,- Php 180,-
OWDC pool 5 mod 4 dives, book cert equip. Php 19.950,- INCL NO
AOWC 5 dives book Cert. Php 15.950,- Php 250,- Php 180,-
OWDC+AOW Php 32.990,- INCL NO
Rescue book cert 4 dives Php 19.950,- Php 250,- Php 180,-

If you are a group of +10 guests (mainly divers) special rate is possible.

If you are a T.O for a group of +6 guests ( divers) contact us on info@abwonderdive.com

All specials are only valid by pre. booked and paid via our mail: info@abwonderdive.com.

For any other resort reservations please send us a mail and we can help you with the booking.

The ABWonderdive team is looking forward to dive with you and show you some of the amazing stuff in this area.

Any requests on prices or special offers kindly forward in an email to:


Best regards,

ABWonderdive Team.

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