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PADI Courses
Courses can be taught in English, German, Danish and Filipino!

Entry Level


Introductory diving day for children from 8 years of age. The purpose of the course is to have fun within safe boundaries. The course can be conducted in either pool or in the ocean, but the maximum depth will never exceed 2 meters.
Duration: Ā½ day

Discover Scuba Diving

This course takes a full day. In the morning we will make theory and exercises in our pool and after lunch we make a REAL dive in the ocean! The programme resembles the 1st day of the Open Water Diver Course and you can recieve credit towards your further education after doing the Discover Scuba Diving.
Duration: 1 day

Junior Open Water Diver

Share your dive education with your children. Children can start their Junior Open Water Course from 10 years old and afterwards they will be certified as divers!
Duration: 4-5 days

Scuba Diver

A course for beginners who only have 2-3 days time for diving. You will go through the basic theory and practices of diving and finish the course with 2 ocean dives. After the course you are certified to 12 meters and will always have to dive with a professional. Later you can upgrade the course towards the Open Water Diver.
Duration: 2-3 days

Scuba Diver Upgrade

For divers who hold a Scuba Diver certificate and want to continue their education. Afterwards you will be certified to dive along with another certified dive buddy – and not neccesarily a dive professional.
Duration: 2 days

Open Water Diver

The complete beginner course. After finishing the course you are allowed to dive with another certified dive buddy till a maximum depth of 18 meters. The course is world wide recoqnized – in fact this is the most popular diving course in the world of diving.
Duration: 4-5 days.

Open Water Diver Referral

The difference between a completed Open Water Course and this education is, that you could have made parts of the course at home or somewhere else and finish whatever is missing here with us within a year of your last experience made. Planning the course like this has become very popular because it gives you extended time to get through the theory and exercises in the comfort of your home and saves time on your holiday destination. NOTE: It is important that you bring us your referral form (student record file)!
Duration: 2 days

Private Open Water Diver Course

If you during your course realize that you would prefer to be alone in the water or need private instructions this is easily arranged. For some people is can also mean that the course is finished faster.
Duration: 3-4 days

Courses for experienced divers

Scuba Review

The PADI Scuba Review is for the certified diver who had a long period without diving and need to refresh his/hers skills. The theory is quickly brushed up with videos and quizzes and we go in the pool to refine the skills. In the afternoon we make a dive in the ocean.
Duration: 1 day

Adventure Diver

With this course you can start your education towards the Advanced Open Water certification. The dives in the course are called Adventure Dives and gives you a taste of different types of diving, such as drift, deep or wreck.
Duration: 1 day (2 dives)

Junior Advanced Open Water Diver

Also the youngsters can continue their dive education towards the Advanced Open Water level. They have to be 12 years old to enter the course and it gives them a good experience for different ways of diving.
Duration: Min. 2 days

Advanced Open Water

A course that is all about diving! The theory lessons are short and is based on practical approaches for diving. Over 2-3 days you will do 5 different adventure dives. The course is great to do right after finishing the Open Water Course to gain more confidence and to allow yourself to see more dive sites, but also experienced divers will benefit from the course since the difficulty is based on the level of the diver.
Duration: 2-3 days (5 dives)

Emergency First Response

This course is a prerequisite for the PADI Rescue diver Course. It certifies you as an emergency responder and bases itself on international standards for emergency courses. You will learn to give CPR and secondary care.
Duration: 1 day (can be integrated in the rescue course)

Rescue Diver

Luckily we rarely see any dive accidents, but it makes you a way better diver if you are prepared for the situation and know how to prevent it. Most divers will tell you, that this was the best course they ever made!
Duration: 3-5 days

Master Scuba Diver

The Master Scuba Diver is the highest non-professional level from PADI. To get this far you have to have finished 5 specialty courses including the Rescue Diver Course. The specialties courses are acknowledged world wide.
Duration: Depends of level and choice form specialties.


Continue your dive education in the areas where you have interest or simply try somehting you until now knew very little about. The specialty courses are thorough, interesting, a lot of fun and makes you a better diver.

Deep Diver

In this course you will be certified till the maximum depth of recreational diving, which is 40 meters. During the 4 dives you will go to places that are not dived that often, since most divers do not hold this certification.
Duration: 2-3 days (4 dives)

Boat Diver

Everything you need to know about diving from different dive boats and what procedures every diver should follow.
Duration: 1 day (2 dives)

Wreck Diver

Experience a special way of diving, where skills and safe procedures are a priority. Diving on wrecks will always be fascinating because of history and the marine life these artificial reefs attract.
Duration: 2-3 days (4 dives)

Drift Diver

Fly by some of the most beautiful reef formation and walls. The dive sites with the strongest current have a lot to offer, but it is important to be comfortable while diving and follow the right drift diving procedures. This included knowledge on currents and the right preparation.
Duration: 1 day (2 dives)

Underwater Navigation

Where is the boat? How do I find my way back to my point of entry? Learn how to navigate underwater by using natural references and a compass. It makes diving so much more fun and you gain confidence to go diving with your buddy on our house reef.
Duration: 1-2 days (3 dives)

Search and Recovery

Go searching for treasures underwater and recover them to the surface and this course is already paid for. The more serious side of the course is of course the day you have to search for a lost diver!
Duration: 2 days (4 dives)

Multilevel- und Computer diving

Make your dives longer with the ideal planning for the dive site in hand. Get a more safe and professional usage of dive tables and computers – just like the professionals.
Duration: 1 day (2 dives)

Underwater Naturalist

Let yourself get closer to the flora and fauna of the Philippines oceans. Get an overview of different species and find out just how much is actually alive underwater. You will be amazed!
Duration: 1 day (2 dives)

Peak Performance Bouyancy

A very good and simple course! One everyone will benefit from – regardless level. Get to a point where YOU decide exactly what your body does in the water and where you position yourself. A very good course to begin with if you are into underwater photography. For the inexperienced diver this course will helps you to gain confidence and give you more fun with diving. Often we also see diversĀ  getting a better airconsumption during this course, which will give you longer dives!
Duration: 1 day (2 dives)

Underwater Photography and Videography

Find out how to get the best out of your digital camera and video camera purchases. Often few, simple tricks will give you better pictures and memories. But do not forget – this is an never ending hobby!
Duration: 1 day (2 dives)

Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox

Reduce the possibilities of decompression sickness and prolong your bottom times. The Nitrox course is a must for all divers – even though the course itself is based on theory. Doing the nitrox course with us and you get one dive for free.
Duration: 1/2 day (1 dive)

Educate yourself into a dive professional


The Divemaster Course is the first profesionnal course from PADI and is the first step towards becoming a dive instructor. The course is divided into modules of theory, water assesments and practical approach. Normally the three modules are conducted parallel. All divemaster courses are individually planned and usually you will be the only student. You can do the course as part of an internship too.

The divemaster course is interesting and even though you do not expect to work in diving, the course is very valuable to make you an all-round experienced diver. With us you will be in the best hands during your divemaster education.


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